Are you a Huawei user too?

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Are you a Huawei user too?

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Here’s how your devices going to work  

This comes after Trump blacklisted the company last month, Google mentions in its official statement that it is simply complying with the law.

HUAWEI use to be considered as one of the tech giants in mobile industries but recently what recent analyses and report say about Huawei amaze all users,

Huawei has been faking some of the hardware from one of the most known leaders of industries and as this new releases, Google announced that it has declined its right of using Android as its operating system, and the company will be locked out of Google’s Android ecosystem. For all its new user, It’s the ZTE ban all over again.

Huawei’s loss of access “to updates” is most likely a reference to Android Q, which hardware manufacturers get early access to. Since Android is open source, Huawei could resume development once the source code comes out. The real killer is the loss of the Google Play Store and Google Play Services, which unlocks access to the billions of Android apps and popular Google apps like Gmail and Maps. Reuters claims this will only happen to “the next version” of Huawei’s smartphones, presumably meaning existing devices with the Play Store will continue to work.

Chipmakers and other companies are under pressure in part because they will lose revenue when they cut off Huawei as a customer. But the tech industry is also poised to suffer in a more fundamental way. Huawei depends on many U.S. companies for components woven into the 5G equipment it makes.

since then many problems has raised for this tech giant as other companies according to the remote of Bloomberg Intel, Qualcomm, Broadcom, and Xilinx have stopped supplying chips to Huawei.

In Huawei’s home nation of China, not much will change. Google doesn’t do much business in China, so the Play Store and Google Play Services do not exist there. The app store landscape is pretty fragmented as a result, with most OEMs running their own app store or licensing a third-party app store from other Chinese companies like Tencent or 360 Mobile.


The current Huawei devices wouldn’t be affected, they will be continuing to have access to everything they were committed by Huawei at the time of purchase.

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