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Best School Management & Administration System

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Many schools choose Cyber Design School Management System to make improvements to their rating or as part of their school development plan. This is because Cyber Design School ERP’s is proven to support schools in making positive changes and has been doing so for decades. It makes running a secondary school easier and far more efficient.

Our School management system is designed to ease the workload through streamlined tasks and communication. Moreover,  We make school information easy to access and simple to understand. It brings school data to life for informed, impactful decision making and saves time for school staff.

School Management System Modules

Connecting with your entire school network

Engaging your whole school community

Preparing for your next inspection

Saving time and money

Ensure Effective safeguarding

Insight for senior leaders

Tools to improve teaching and learning

Managing daily school life

Continually raise achievement

Attracting new pupils

Manage school finance simply

“Introducing SIMS as our management information system has brought that information to our fingertips, vastly reduced the time we spend hunting around for data and give teachers more time to do what they do best – teach”

Diane Taylor, The Milton Keynes Academy

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Looking to access your school’s data in detail but with easy access and analysis? Speak to a member of our expert sales team to learn why Cyber Design is trusted by hundreds of senior school to make a real difference in education. Use the contact form below or call the following numbers.

In addition

Dynamic reporting, charting and tracking tools found within our school management solutions give you a real-time view of everything that’s happening in the school. You can quickly analyse the progress of individual students, groups, classes or year groups to help you strengthen your strategies for change and improvement, to close attainment gaps. . It will also enable you to identify and acknowledge great teaching so that best practice can be shared across the school.

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