School Management Software

Most Powerful School Management Software. Which has attendance management system, Students records, Fee System a complete school managements system in Karachi – Pakistan.

Software designed very user friendly so any user can easily use this software to fulfill the tasks.

Account System

All the financial transactions of school manages here. Voucher creation and account books can be tracked easily. Our School Management Software is designed for a school with multiple class types & different student types.

This is must have software for all school with our affordable monthly based pricing plan contact us for more detail.

Attendance Management System

Cyber Design Provides one of the best industry school management software in Pakistan. Which comes with best attendance management feature.

Easy Management

Managing attendance manually can be tedious and very time consuming. However, when you choose Our school attendance management system, you can easily manage attendance in just a fraction of the time.


Making A Community

Cyber Design School Management Software can helps you with managing fee collection process through a paperless bookkeeping system.

This School fee management system will eliminate your manual workload. It has been designed to be user friendly and any of your staff member can use it easily.

Dynamic Fee Structure

In this Software you can create dynamic fee structures or define the type of schools that will be collected from a certain grade.

Sms System

Send announcements, student attendance, promotional messages, result cards, fee reminders and many other text messages with just a few clicks.


Highly secure School Software with different user rights, Limit the access over each feature to hide from any user.

Student Admission Management

Our School Management Software offers you the most user friendly and easy interface to enroll students in software. Our school management system also support to import student information from excel files.

When you use our school software you can reduce the amount of resources, time and cost needed for administrative tasks and manage all your currently enrolled students effectively.

Best School ERP software in Karachi

This is a MUST HAVE system for all schools. School Management System helps manage Student, Classes, Sections, Teacher,  Fees, time table, Marks, and Attendance.


In case you’re hoping to break into the social scene and make a name for your school. Contact CYBER DESIGN for our exclusive school management system.

Contact us now & We’ll offer you with the best we can!

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