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HOCK Shoes05/06

Hock Shoes offers PU leather based handmade shoes, grown in a clean and healthy way. Cyber Design has reworked their branding and e-commerce site as well as their natural referencing.

Dive into this portfolio and explore how we partnered with Hock Shoes to redefine their online presence, invigorate their brand image, and achieve unprecedented success.

01 Challenge

The Hock Shoes team called on us to improve their Branding, e-commerce site, Digital Marketing and offer a more pleasant online experience for their customers.

03 Solution

The objective was to rework an e-commerce site developed on Shopify, with personalized cart rules for easy navigation and quick purchases.

Their old site was not very ergonomic and had a purchase path that was too long.

Their new site is more optimized, more fluid, more aesthetic, and greatly facilitates the purchasing process for customers.

04 Result

The real success lies in the numbers. Witness the transformative journey of Hock Shoes as our collaboration led to a staggering 5x growth in sales. From a monthly revenue of 4 to 5 million, Hock Shoes soared to an impressive 25 million, showcasing the tangible impact of our holistic approach to branding and digital marketing.

Logo Designing

Brand Guidelines

Product Photo-shoot

Video Commercial


Social Media Ads

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